Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I think I should stop listening to the 'O Brother where art thou' sound track

I think this is microfiction: It's called 'Angels only Sing one Song'. It's a bit maudlin ;)

Sometimes the sadness is so great it comes out of you, like them angels that can only sing one song.

Sometimes it’s the difference between living with regret and ending it all.

“Hush your moaning,” she says.

Well the drink don’t help it

“Might as well do something useful, now you’re back.”

Well the drink don’t help none

“We managed just fine without you.”

If the drink don’t help, then I’ll pray to God

“Would be better if they’d never let you out.”

And I’ll get my gun
And I’ll get my gun

And sometimes the singing makes it worse.

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