Monday, 12 April 2010

Where I live

... you see stuff like this quite a lot. Bit cold for it at the moment, though.

Long time coming...

Been away for a bit. I was doing some *actual* writing you see.

Anyway, this is where I live.

I am in a little playpark in a grassy angle between two streets, sitting watching my daughter playing. There are two other girls also playing, one Somali, in a headscarf, the other perhaps Jamaican, in a floppy hat. The girl in the floppy hat steals the headscarf, runs away, waving it like a trophy. The other girl obligingly chases after her for a bit before playing her trump card. "I'm going home for another scarf," she announces, grinning. The first girl concedes the point, eager for her friend to stay.

On the pavement a teenaged couple, him in a hoodie, her in a headscarf, are kissing tenderly before going their separate ways. The guy at the hand car wash stares at them with slightly unnerving intensity.

My daughter chases the pigeons out of the park and the cherry trees finally come into bloom after a long, cold winter.